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    Rubber for Pencil-on-Paper Sleeved tpr-Plastic Eraser White Pk_20. WB #9026 @??-?

    Product Code: HAINE449026
    5113 Stock Available

    • PVC-free
    • With card sleeve
    • 59x10x21mm
    • Made with TPR
    • Latex-free

    Inc. VAT £3.76

Product Details

General Information

Colour White
Manufacturer Hainenko Limited
Style Pencil Eraser

Product Information

Brand ValueX
Type Eraser


These erasers are made of sturdy plastic rubber for clean and efficient removal of pencil marks, and unlike putty erasers they won't crumble in your hand. They include a sleeve for a secure grip and extra control when erasing pencil. This retail box contains 20 erasers - ideal for heavy users or for use in groups.

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