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    76x76mm EXTRA-StickyNotes NEON ASSORTED pk_6. StickN #6798

    Product Code: STICK216798
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    • Extra sticky - sticks almost anywhere.
    • Assorted neon, pack of 6 pads, 90 sheets per pad.
    • Most popular size.
    • Bright & attractive colours.

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Product Details

General Information

Size Medium
Colour Assorted Colours
Manufacturer Hopax
Pad Form Standard Pad
Paper Colour Neon Assorted
Pages 90 Sheets
Rulings Plain
Dimensions 76x76mm

Product Information

Brand ValueX
Type Repositionable Notes


Stick'n offers a variety of innovative self-adhesive and repositionable products. We develop our commitment to the slogan, "Sticking Close to You", which reflects the essence of our brand promise: - to provide creative products that can change how we live our lives and the way we communicate.

Stick'n Extra Sticky Notes have stronger adhesive - twice the sticking power comparing to standard notes. They stick more securely and are suitable for rough surfaces such as cardboard, leather and wood.

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